Wise Up, Kid! –talkin’ peace, love and straight thinkin’

The Wise Up Kid! project is based on the proposal that education lies at the heart of working towards global peace, tolerance and mutual respect. It asserts that a common ground can be found across religion, culture and ideology via a secular approach of curiosity and inclusion. In focusing on the ethical values informing the world’s spiritual traditions, valuable life lessons might be revitalized for contemporary children.

Wise Up, Man! –talkin’ peace, love and straight thinkin’ is a comic book application for touch screen tablets. Addressing a perceived dearth of ethics content in educational curriculum in primary schools, the application presents wisdom stories from across the world’s great spiritual traditions in a non-discriminatory, inclusive and light-hearted fashion.

Aimed at 9 -12 year old children, three comics and an activity page address themes of self-worth, compassion, forgiveness and tolerance. Stories provide practical advise on living well and in harmony with others and with our environments. The project aims to provide meaningful learning material for those parents and children looking for a broader approach to values-based learning.

Wise Up, Kid! –talkin’ peace, love and straight thinkin’ includes comic adaptations from the Zen Buddhist, Sufi and Jewish Mussar traditions. The activity page pond, ponder .. pondering aims to encourage in children an attitude of attentive curiosity and mindfulness.

Production Details:

Concept, Direction, Production: Peter Moyes

Production and Programming: Gordon Moyes

Stories, narration: Marianna Shek, Peter Moyes

Visuals: Darren Fisher, Anthony Cheung, Eun Jung (Joy) Ku

Audio: Mike Squire

This seed project has been funded with the assistance of a Griffith University AEL New Researcher Grant.