Max the Apple

The Max the Apple research project responds to the question: How can we best exploit the interactive possibilities presented by new media in stories for children? In designing an interactive, multimodal picture book for children, and testing its implementation in schools, I aimed to explore the ways in which a conventional narrative—with its attributes of causal arc and moral closure, of empathetic character and meaningful theme—might take advantage of the active, playful, and self-directed engagement afforded by interactivity.

If you want to engage with the story  Click Here to download the folder and then open MaxTheApple.html.

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While adhering to the book-era affordances of reflection and imaginative space, the project capitalizes on the interactivity, multimodality, agency, and connections made possible by digital technology. Max the Apple employs interactivity through integrated games, genuine narrative options, and links to associated content. In utilizing the written word, visual, aural, and interactive modes of communication, this multimodal project can be used as a learning object for literacy across the Arts, English and ICT, while its themes and content connect with Science, Studies of Society and Environment, and Health and Physical Education.